Introducing the Leia Blog

With our designs, we hope to inspire women around the world to live a lifestyle that makes feel them feel empowered, happy, and healthy. 

Welcome to the new Leia blog - a space that we’ll be using to showcase new designs, styling tips, and news.

Over the past year, Leia has evolved from its humble beginnings on Kickstarter and many nights of concepting designs to a growing business that’s been fortunate to connect with women around the world. For those who are reading this and have been supportive from day one, this means a great deal to me and inspires me to keep going.

Looking ahead to the latter half of 2019, we have a big announcement coming up in a week or so. We’re in the process of finalizing details, but once they are, we’ll post here and on our social media profiles about it.

On a final note, thank you to everyone who has signed up for our email newsletter. We’ll be looking to be more regular in sending them out so make sure to share with friends and family who might like what Leia is doing.

- Michèle and the Leia Team

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