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Leia is a clothing brand for you: the contemporary woman who cares about ethically-made products that don’t sacrifice quality or style.

After talking to some of my Hijabi friends, I realized that there was a definite need for modest activewear & swimwear that was both functional and fashionable.

I started Leia because I wanted to create ethically-sourced styles that empower women from all walks of life and bring us all together. 

Whether you choose to cover your hair or not, our styles are designed to be both classy and versatile.

Our dream is to create a supportive community of strong women who support, respect, and learn from one another.

We hope you like our designs, and we hope they inspire you to live a life style that makes you feel happy, healthy, and empowered.

Have fun browsing through our website.

If you should have any questions, feel free to reach out, we’re happy to help!

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Design studio & Production

We’ve been working with Sew FYI, a sewing and design co-working studio based in Downtown Los Angeles, since the beginning. From sample and pattern making to the entire production process, all our garments are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.